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Photo Gallery: WBB Opens Practice (August 18, 2007) 8/18/2007
Shockers open practice in preparation of Canadian exhibition tour
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  • 768 1024 practice1.jpg Assistant Coach Kami Malnaa directs a defensive drill 671350 Wichita State
    907 1024 practice8.jpg Freshman Jadhon Kerr practices free throws 671358 Wichita State
    721 1024 practice4.jpg Guards Kyrie Kinder and Frannie Vathauer work together on a defensive drill 671354 Wichita State
    768 1024 practice2.jpg The Shockers shoot around before opening the second of two practices on Saturday 671352 Wichita State
    682 1024 practice9.jpg Assistant Coach Kristen Holt works a group of players on defensive skills 671359 Wichita State
    682 1024 practice6.jpg The team works on rebounding in drills using the bubble over the basket 671356 Wichita State
    768 1024 practice5.jpg The Shockers huddle at the end of their opening day of practice 671355 Wichita State
    1024 774 practice3.jpg Kiki Stephens works on free throws during the team's free-throw shooting drills 671353 Wichita State
  • 742 1024 practice10.jpg Freshman Shantel Pointer and Whitney Rice work on a passing drill 671351 Wichita State
    682 1024 practice7.jpg The Shockers take part in a transition game drill 671357 Wichita State