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Photo Gallery: MVC Tournament Day One 5/22/2008
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  • 669 1024 game 1_1.jpg SIU's Chris Crank tags first to force out UNI's Cory Ege. 1112346 Wichita State
    1024 698 game 1_2.jpg SIU's Cody Adams threw 8.2 innings against UNI and struck out seven in game one of the MVC tournament. 1112347 Wichita State
    1024 732 game 1_3.jpg SIU's Owen Mackedon makes a throw at shortstop. 1112348 Wichita State
    540 1024 game 2_1.jpg Bradley's Tommy Fitzgerald dives for a ball at short. 1112349 Wichita State
    625 1024 game 2_2.jpg Creighton's Vicente Cafaro makes a play at second base. 1112350 Wichita State
    668 1024 game 2_3.jpg CU's Jeremy Hauer is the reigning MVC Newcomer of the Year. 1112351 Wichita State
    746 1024 game 2_4.jpg Tommy Fitzgerald turns a double play, as Vicente Cafaro slides into second. 1112352 Wichita State
    735 1024 game 2_5.jpg Jeremy Hauer fields a bunt and tosses to first. 1112353 Wichita State
  • 655 1024 game 3_1.jpg Bradley's Matt Fritz was on the front end of a double play, as UNI's Brandon Douglas makes the throw to first. 1112354 Wichita State
    763 1024 game 3_2.jpg Bradley's first baseman Jim Clayton makes a throw from the turf. 1112355 Wichita State
    770 1024 game 3_3.jpg Brandon Douglas fields the throw before applying the tag on BU's Rob Elliott, who was caught stealing second. 1112356 Wichita State
    735 1024 game 3_5.jpg Jim Clayton waits for a bouncer at first. 1112358 Wichita State