Staff Directory

Name, Position Phone Email
Senior Administration   Return To Top
Eric Sexton, Director of Athletics 316-978-3250
Becky Endicott, Senior Associate AD/SWA 316-978-3250
Darron Boatright, Senior Associate AD/External Operations 316-978-5498
Rege Klitzke, Senior Associate AD/Business Operations 316-978-3251
Ruth Matz, Director of Administration and Personnel 316-978-3250
Athletic Training   Return To Top
Dan Cahill, Head Athletic Trainer 316-978-5573
Todd Fagan, Assistant Athletic Trainer 316-978-5575
Becca Fitzgerald, Assistant Athletic Trainer 316-978-5295
Erin Hicks, Assistant Athletic Trainer 316-978-5267
Kat Hollowell, Assistant Athletic Trainer 316-978-5574
Jill Jackson, Graduate Assistant/Athletic Training 316-978-3248
Eric Kastrup, Graduate Assistant/Athletic Training 316-978-3248
Eric Reigelsberger, Graduate Assistant/Athletic Training 316-978-3248
Takamasa Sakamoto, Graduate Assistant/Athletic Training 316-978-3248
Danielle Stern, Graduate Assistant/Athletic Training 316-978-3248
Business Office   Return To Top
Jan Templin, Accountant/Business Office 316-978-5554
Lynn Ciarleglio, Senior Administrative Specialist/Business Office 316-978-5557
Facilities and Operations   Return To Top
Brad Pittman, Associate AD/Facilities and Operations 316-978-5556
Mike Sandbo, Director of Facilities 316-978-5512
Jesse Torres, Director of Equipment Operations 316-978-7471
Brandon Cutler, Assistant Facilities Director 316-978-5228
Jared Brown, Graduate Assistant/Facilities 316-978-7592
Chris Valenzuela, Graduate Assistant/Events 316-978-7592
Erin Widrig, Graduate Assistant/Equipment and Operations 316-978-3254
Garrett Wittmaier, Graduate Assistant/ Facilities 316-978-7592
Development/SASO   Return To Top
Alex Johnson, Assistant Director of Development 316-978-7493
Susan Domann, Director of SASO Membership Services 316-978-5511
Melissa Vickers, Development Associate 316-978-5553
Marketing & Strategic Communications   Return To Top
John Brewer, Associate AD/Marketing & Strategic Communications 316-978-5497
Larry Rankin, Assistant AD/Media Relations-MBB Contact 316-978-3221
Tami Cutler, Assistant Director of Media Relations-Volleyball, Baseball Contact 316-978-5559
Jason Malay, Assistant Director of Marketing & Game Operations 316-978-5447
Pauline Berry, Administrative Assistant/Marketing and Development 316-978-5499
Kayla Blanding, Creative Director & Graphic Designer: Social Media Director 316-978-3197
Chris Elmore, Graduate Assistant/Media Relations - Women's Basketball, Men's and Women's Golf Contact 316-978-5598
Kelli Hamman, Graduate Assistant/Media Relations-Softball Contact 316-978-5536
Paul Payton, Graduate Assistant/Media Relations - Cross Country, Men's and Women's Tennis Contact 316-978-5461
Joe Wachter, Graduate Assistant/Media Relations - Track and Field Contact 316-978-5537
Shocker Sports Properties   Return To Top
Brett Foltz, Senior Account Executive 316-978-7553
Evie Haertl, Account Executive 316-978-7554
Strength and Conditioning   Return To Top
Kerry Rosenboom, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach 316-978-3599
Jake Fincham, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 316-978-7551
Adam Ringler, Assistant Strength and Conditioning Coach 316-978-7595
Student Services   Return To Top
Korey Torgerson, Associate AD/Student Services 316-978-5519
Gretchen Torline, Director of Athletic Academic Services 316-978-5518
Valerie Wadsworth, Director of Compliance/Learning Specialist 316-978-5190
Andrew Moses, Academic Coordinator 316-978-7481
Sarah Willey, Academic Coordinator 316-978-3272
Emily Adney, Graduate Assistant/Student Services 316-978-7486
Trace Kendrick, Graduate Assistant/Student Services 316-978-7486
Ticket Office   Return To Top
Russell Wilkins, Assistant AD/Ticket Operations 316-978-3267
Kyle Osgood, Assistant Director Ticket Operations 316-978-5560
Sherilyn Maynard, Administrative Assistant 316-978-3252
Wesley Joy, Graduate Assistant/Ticket Office 316-978-3267
Mike Pence, Director of Ticket Sales 316-978-3267
Taylor Prior, Graduate Assistant/Ticket Office 316-978-3267
Baseball   Return To Top
Todd Butler, Head Coach 316-978-3636
Brent Kemnitz, Assistant Coach 316-978-3636
Brian Walker, Assistant Coach 316-978-3636
Scott Gurss, Director of Operations 316-978-3636
Haley Chadd, Administrative Assistant 316-978-3636
Parker Zimmerman, Student Coach 316-978-3636
Denning Gerig, Equipment Manager 316-978-3636
Dylan Seybert, Equipment Manager 316-978-3636
Men's Basketball   Return To Top
Gregg Marshall, Head Coach 316-978-3252
Steve Forbes, Assistant Coach 316-978-3252
Greg Heiar, Assistant Coach 316/978-3252
Isaac Brown, Assistant Coach 316-978-3252
Dominic Okon, Director of Operations 316-978-3252
Devon Smith, Manager of Player Development 316/978-3252
Ryan Hillard, Special Assistant to the Head Coach 316-978-3252
Sherilyn Maynard, Administrative Assistant 316-978-3252
Women's Basketball   Return To Top
Jody Adams, Head Coach 316-978-3257
Kirk Crawford, Assistant Coach (316) 978-5542
Bridgette Gordon, Assistant Coach 316-978-5541
Chandra Dorsey, Assistant Coach 316-978-5540
Michael Gomez, Director of Operations 316-978-6637
Marta Warren, Administrative Assistant 316-978-3257
Cross Country   Return To Top
Kirk Hunter, Head Coach 316-978-5547
Tomas Cotter, Volunteer Assistant 316-978-5547
Men's Golf   Return To Top
Grier Jones, Head Coach 316-978-5545
Kerry Rosenboom, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach 316-978-3599
Tony Blake, Assistant Coach (316) 978-7465
Linda Lindsly, Administrative Assistant 316-978-3362
Women's Golf   Return To Top
Tom McCurdy, Head Coach 316-978-5548
Krista Peterson, Assistant Coach 316-978-7466
Linda Lindsly, Administrative Assistant 316-978-3362
Softball   Return To Top
Kristi Bredbenner, Head Coach 316 978-3260
Samantha Sheeley, Assistant Coach 316-978-5550
Men's Tennis   Return To Top
Brad Louderback, Head Coach/Director of Operations 316-978-5501
Kevin Montisano, Assistant Coach 316-978-5607
Nick Taylor, Volunteer Director of Operations 316-978-5607
Women's Tennis   Return To Top
Colin Foster, Head Coach 316-978-5503
Kewa Foster, Assistant Coach 316-978-5504
Track and Field   Return To Top
Steve Rainbolt, Director of Track and Field and Cross Country 316-978-3362
John Wise, Assistant Director of Track and Field 316-978-5544
Heidi Yost, Assistant Coach 316-978-5422
Kirk Hunter, Assistant Coach 316-978-5547
John Hetzendorf, Assistant Coach 316-978-5546
Pat Wilson, Assistant Coach 316-978-3342
Chandra Andrews, Director of Operations 316-978-3364
Volleyball   Return To Top
Chris Lamb, Head Coach 316-978-3261
Matt Hoffman, Assistant Coach 316-978-5538
Sean Carter, Assistant Coach 316-978-5806
Shannon Lamb, Director of Operations 316-978-5549
Linda Lindsly, Administrative Assistant 316-978-3362