Charles Koch Arena, home of Devlin Court Fan Guide
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  CHARLES KOCH ARENA, home of Devlin Court FAN GUIDE

Anyone age two (2) and over must possess a valid ticket for entry into Charles Koch Arena, home of Devlin Court.

Alcoholic Beverages
Alcoholic beverages are not permitted inside Charles Koch Arena, home of Devlin Court. The sale of alcoholic beverages at the concession stands is also prohibited. 

An ATM machine is located in the ticket lobby.

Away Game Tickets
As a visiting team, WSU receives only a small allotment of tickets. Please contact the ticket office for ticket availability.

Most hand-held banners are permitted inside Charles Koch Arena, home of Devlin Court. WSU reserves the right to remove any sign deemed to be obscene, inappropriate or which obstructs the view of other patrons. 

For your enjoyment, WSU permits still cameras without a flash. Video cameras are not permitted in the arena.

Concessions are operated by Premier Food Services of Kansas. Stands are located on the concourse level throughout the arena. Cash and major credit cards are accepted. Fans are not permitted to bring food or beverages into Charles Koch Arena, home of Devlin Court.

Credit Cards/Checks
MasterCard, Visa, and Discover are honored for ticket purchases, at the concessions stands, and at the Souvenir Shop. Checks are accepted with a valid drivers’ license. 

Disabled Parking
Parking for the disabled is available on a first-come, first-served basis in the southwest lot. Van accessible spaces are available within these areas. 

Disabled Seating
Wheelchair accessible seating is located in sections 106, 108, 110, 120, 121 and 122. Attendants are available to assist disabled patrons. 

WSU Athletics reserves the right to eject any person whose behavior is unruly or illegal in nature. Game tickets will be collected from the patron without refund and they will be escorted from the arena. 

Paging will be done only in the event of an emergency. In the case of an emergency please find the closest event staff or emergency personnel. Emergency calls must be placed through WSU Police at (316) 978-3450. If available, please give the seat location to the police. A message will be relayed to appropriate WSU officials in Charles Koch Arena, and the individual will be notified by public address announcements. 

Fan Code of Conduct
WSU desires to provide an atmosphere conducive to enjoying Shocker events. Consequently, we ask that you refrain from the following: 
-Interfering with the progress of the game
-Smoking, except outside in designated areas
-Foul, obscene or abusive language or actions 
-Fighting, unruly or inconsiderate behavior
-Conduct that endangers fans or participants

First Aid
Persons requiring first aid or emergency help should contact event staff or security personnel. During men’s basketball games there is a First Aid room located on the concourse level outside of Section 125.

Game Programs
Programs can be purchased on the concourse level near entrances and are sold throughout the first half. 

Gates Open
All arena entrances will open one hour prior to tip-off for volleyball and women's basketball, and 90 minutes prior to tip for men's basketball. Consult the schedule for game times.

Group Sales
Group discounts are available for tickets to many Shocker events. Call (316) 978-3267 for more information.

Hospitality Room
SASO donors from $1,495 and above may utilize the Aetna Multi-Purpose Center located behind section 119. You will need to present your SASO Membership card upon entering.

Lost Children/Parents
In the event your child is lost, IMMEDIATELY notify a campus or athletic department official. All lost children should be escorted to the nearest campus or athletic department official. Parents of lost children should follow the same procedure. 

Lost & Found
Report lost items or deliver found items to the Ticket Office. 

Lost/Stolen Tickets
Once received, season tickets which are lost, destroyed, mutilated, or stolen can be replaced for $25 per ticket. If individual game tickets are simply lost, left at home, or mutilated there is a non-refundable $2.00 reprint fee per ticket.

The Souvenir Shop is located across from the Ticket Lobby on the concourse level offering a variety of Shocker novelty and souvenir items from the University Bookstore. 

Non-Smoking Policy
Smoking is not permitted in Charles Koch Arena, home of Devlin Court. Those wishing to smoke should go outside an exit. A pass-out will be issued to smokers so that they may re-enter the arena. 

Parking in the lots immediately adjacent to Charles Koch Arena is reserved for members of SASO. Public parking is available in lots throughout campus. 

Prohibited Items
The following items are prohibited from entering Koch Arena:

-Outside food and drink
-Weapons, poles, sticks
-Backpacks and drawstring bags
-Alcohol and drugs
Wichita State staff reserves the right to prohibit any items they deem inappropriate. 

All Shocker games are broadcast on KNSS 1330 AM. Radios and televisions are permitted so long as they do not disturb others seated nearby. For the benefit of others, it is recommended to use headsets with these devices 

Re-Entry Policy
WSU Athletics has a NO RE-ENTRY policy. Guests who leave the building will NOT be permitted to re-enter with an invalid ticket.

Resale of Game Tickets
The reselling of tickets (at any price) is NOT permitted on campus grounds. 

Restrooms are located on the concourse level throughout the arena. Family restrooms are located on the concourse level behind sections 114 and 124. 

Student Tickets
The first 1,000 WSU students attending a basketball game will be admitted by presenting their valid Shocker ID. 

A telephone is located inside the ticket lobby.

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