MVC-Game Three Quotes
Courtesy:Wichita State
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UNI Quotes:

Brett Douglas
On being called back to the plate after taking what he thought was ball four:
“I thought the pitch was a little inside but it’s ok, stuff like that happens all the time. You can’t let calls like that affect you. Luckily I was able to get my bat on the next pitch and drive in a few runs.”

Head Coach Rick Heller
On throwing Taylor Sinclair and pitching for the rest of the tournament:
“ Taylor is a senior and I wanted to make sure he threw in the tournament. We got that accomplished and we’ll play tomorrow like a normal midweek game and hope to bring him back on Friday.”

Guido Fonseca
On the team’s mindset for Game 3:
“We basically looked at it like we had to live or die and play for our lives. We did well tonight. We swung the bats well and scored some runs. As far as the energy in the dugout goes, it was a lot better than this morning and everyone was up and ready to play.”

On his performance:
“I’d say it wasn’t my best outing. I wasn’t really comfortable. I just couldn’t get things going for me and those two double plays were huge for me. My teammates bailed me out in a couple of situations and we were able to score runs. Fortunately I was able to make good pitches when it counted.”

Eddie Almonte
On getting the early lead:
“It was huge, it took the pressure off of our pitchers. When we got a big lead they feel a lot more comfortable. When Taylor (Sinclair) had the bases loaded in the bottom of the eighth he didn’t feel any pressure at all because we had a big lead. That’s huge for our pitchers because they’ve been battling for us the last two weeks, we haven’t been able to hit well but we’ve got to pick them up from now on.”

Bradley Quotes:

Head Coach Dewey Kalmer
On the team’s performance today:
“Obviously I don’t think we played well. We were the sixth rated team and we probably played like the sixth rated team. I thought (Rob) Scahill pitched very well today, he gave us a great effort and gave us a chance to win. I thought a key play in the game early was that little squibber to first base where our first baseman reached to his right and fell down and it was a close play at the plate. That ended up being two runs and if we get the guy at the plate it’s a 1-1 game in the sixth or seventh inning.”

On his decision to retire:
“This will be my last game at Bradley. My AD is here and I have turned in my resignation. I’ll be 64 years old in September and I’ve coached for 40 years. There aren’t many coaches that last that long. I think coaching is getting more difficult, the kids are harder to handle, it’s emotionally stressful and it takes a lot out of you.”

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