MVC-Game Five Quotes
Courtesy:Wichita State
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Press Conference Quotes
MVC Tournament - Game 5
Creighton 4, Northern Iowa 2

Head Coach Ed Servais
Opening Statement...
“I have been coaching for five years at this school and that may have been one of our better (games). The kids are tired and they found just enough to get it done when it looked pretty hopeless there for awhile. I am really proud of what they did, it is tough to play three games within a matter of 26 hours with the intensity of these games. We haven’t committed an error yet in three games and that attests to their willingness to succeed.”

On the low-scoring game...
“Sometimes that happens when you have fatigued players. Not only did we play a lot of games in a short period of time, but this is the warmest weather we have seen. When you get fatigued players, you just can’t generate the bat speed.”

Third Baseman Steve Winkelmann
On his game-winning hit...
“I knew I obviously had to come through. The whole day I had just been pressing, just  trying to get a big hit. I was trying to pull the ball too much. I just talked to myself in my head and just to stay through the middle (of the ball), and that’s what I did.”

Pinch-hitter T.J. Roemmich
On his pinch-hit in the ninth...
“As a pinch-hitter, I am just looking for that first good pitch I see. They hadn’t seen me hit that day and threw me a fastball inside, that is what I was looking for.”

Relief Pitcher Pat Venditte
On the pitching staff’s performance...
“Zak Moore really stepped up big today. We needed a strong start out of him and he did a great job for us and kept that score down. When we needed him most he was there for us today, you can’t say enough about him.”

On his performance...
“I don’t want this thing to be over with. It’s funny how you react when your back is up against the wall, it brings something else out in you. I just don’t want it to end, so we are going to just keep playing as long as possible.”

Head Coach Rick Heller
Opening Statement...
“Tough game to lose, but a well played game. Derek Ott pitched a great game, that’s longer than he has gone all season. Unfortunately, they clutched up and had some hits at the end. (Pat) Venditte was pretty tough on us, so that’s pretty much the story.”

Shortstop Brandon Douglas
On being eluded by a big hit...
“We had guys in scoring position a couple times today. I came up with two outs and a runner on second, and had a bad at-bat. You get a hit and score a run maybe that triggers a rally.

Designated Hitter Chris Lopez
On his ground-rule double...
“That is just something that you can’t control. I put a good piece on the ball. To be honest with you I really didn’t know where it was. Just a bad thing to happen to us.”

Starting Pitcher Derek Ott
On experience gained from today’s outing...
“It give me a lot of confidence, coming out of the pen the whole year and getting a start definitely boosts the confidence for next year.”

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