MVC-Game Six Quotes
Courtesy:Wichita State
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Wichita State quotes:

Head Coach Gene Stephenson
On his team’s performance:
“I thought we played well tonight, obviously, I thought that Rob Musgrave did a good job. I’ve never seen a run-rule game end like this one did. That just goes to show you that this guy (Ryan) Jones is some kind of outfield and has some kind of arm and he’s a great young player. We’ve got a lot of good guys here that compete well and play the game the way it’s supposed to be played. I’m real proud of them.”

Andy Dirks
On the team’s quick start:
“We executed a lot of the smaller things today. I led it off with a double and (Ryan) Jones got a great bunt down to get me over. Those kind of things early in the game can get you rolling and we started putting up runs and it got contagious and kept going for the first three innings.”

Rob Musgrave
On working with an early lead:
“It obviously takes a lot of pressure off when the guys are putting up four runs in the first inning right off the bat. I just try to go out and throw strikes. It doesn’t really matter what the score is.”

On his performance:
“I felt like all three of my pitches were working pretty well. I felt we had an amazing defensive game. Obviously the two plays that stick out in my mind is Ryan Jones’ catch and the little dinker that Conor (Gillaspie) fielded early in the game and got the guy out at first were really huge and really helped me out and gave me a little bit of a boost.”

Tyler Weber
On the difference between the last time WSU faced SIU starter Shawn Joy:
“Last time we faced him (SIU starter Shawn Joy) we hit a lot of balls hard and nothing fell for us and today I think today we just started off on the right foot. We get a guy on, then we execute, get him over and get a run in and that gives everybody confidence and gets guys going. As you can tell everybody else just kind of felt that and everybody else just continued to hit.”

Southern Illinois quotes:

Head Coach Dan Callahan
His thoughts on the game:
“Well the old adage is sometimes when you make a mistake somebody takes you out behind the woodshed and gives you a whoopin’ and I think that’s a pretty good example of what happened today. It just wasn’t our day, it wasn’t Shawn’s (Joy) day. We just didn’t get it done today. You spot a team like Wichita State four runs in the first inning and you got a guy like (Rob) Musgrave on the mound it can be a little demoralizing right out of the chute and I think that’s what happened. Things just seemed to snowball in a bad way from the first inning on and the game got way too fast for us.”

Shawn Joy
On the difference between the last time he faced WSU:
“I think the difference was their barrels found a lot more balls this time. I felt the same, I prepared the same and I just didn’t make the pitches I did last time. They’re a good enough team that they’re going to punish you. Like coach said, things got fast and I just didn’t give us a chance.”

Scott Elmendorf
On Musgrave’s effectiveness:
“He had the same stuff that always works for him. With that wind tonight coming in from right, he’s just going to work us away. We hit some balls in the air and it just didn’t go anywhere. We’ve got to hit more line drives. I think his changeup is his best pitch and his breaking ball was working too against lefties.”

On the Shockers’ speed:
“On turf the ball is going to get to you faster but they’re also going to run faster on turf. The game mentally got too fast for us at times. With a crowd like that and a team like that it’s just hard to get back into if little things just aren’t going your way.

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