MVC-Game Seven Quotes
Courtesy:Wichita State
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SIU Head Coach Dan Callahan
“I questioned who wanted the ball hit to them late in the game, but we did just enough to figure it out and Creighton is going home and we’re staying. It’s huge for us.”

“We’ve got to play better than we did today to get anywhere.”

SIU Pitcher Dan Curynski
“I had a fastball today. My slider and change-up weren’t what they were last time I faced Creighton, so I was working mainly with just a fastball. Our defense came up big for us.”

“I had to let them hit it so we could get outs, and I had to locate my pitches a little better later in the game.”

SIU Catcher Mark Kelly
“He (Curynski) didn’t have all his stuff going for him today, but he worked with what he had. That’s what good pitchers do.

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