MVC-Game Eight Quotes
Courtesy:Wichita State
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Missouri State quotes:

Head Coach Keith Guttin
General thoughts on the game:
“Well there wasn’t a lot of mystery or suspense in that. We got behind early and they’re a good offensive team, particularly when they get on a roll and they’re ahead and they can do some things. (Aaron) Shafer has been good for three years so we knew what we were getting there.”

On starting pitcher Buddy Baumann:
“He just didn’t have it, he couldn’t make a pitch and he was over-throwing. He’s kind of an adrenaline guy and his fastball was out of the zone and he was over-throwing.”

On having to play another game today:
“We’ll get a turkey sandwich, we’ll be fine. We didn’t lose 3-2 and we’re not really heartbroken. Obviously we’re upset we lost but at about the sixth inning we had a little time to plan. You just deal with it and move on. This is the most important game of our season coming up at seven o’clock. We’ve got to keep going, we’ve got to make it to Saturday, we’ve got to get another win and I think our guys will put it behind them and give their best effort. I don’t think there will be any hangover.”

Buddy Baumann
On his performance:
“It didn’t really go the way I planned. I wasn’t throwing strikes and got down in my head. They’re a good team and they capitalized on that. It’s a mental game and usually I battle through it. Today was a big game and I didn’t come through. There’s not much to say.”

Wichita State quotes:

Head Coach Gene Stephenson
General thoughts on the game:
“I thought we did well today obviously. I think that (Buddy) Baumann had about 40 pitches in the first inning and he never found his slider. When he’s at his best he has that slider and he never found it today. Our guys were very disciplined and we waited and stayed off pitches and I’m sure it frustrated him. Missouri State’s a great club with great players and great competitors. This tournament is not over by any means, we have to go play, we have to play our best and we have to get a well-pitched game tomorrow in the first game.”

Conor Gillaspie
On the offensive output recently:
“I think a huge part of it is the chemistry. When you have a good group of guys and you always play together, it comes tournament time and you have to win. I think it just shows how much this team really gets along and I think that plays a big role.”

On stringing hits together:
“Early in the year we had a couple tough times during the season. It’s the exact opposite of that. When you see guys going up there and battling and competing. Kevin (Hall) had a couple great at-bats today where he worked seven or eight pitches and that’s huge. Other guys see that and other guys catch on to that. That’s so important offensively, not necessarily getting hits but working counts and showing that you’re into the game and focused, it’s contagious.”

Tyler Hill
On the team chemistry:
“Come playoff time you don’t worry about yourself at all, and that’s one thing this team has done all year. Sometimes we get a little out of focus but during playoffs you really know the job you have to do. If you have two outs and a guy on second, there’s more pressure to get him in because this is the playoffs and this is when it counts.”

Aaron Shafer
On two complete games from the starters:
“Gene (Stephenson) and Brent (Kemnitz) know that when they hand us the ball we plan on going out there and finishing our own game. Our pitch counts are up to where we can go out there and finish games whether it be seven (innings) or nine (innings). These guys (the hitters) are making it a little easier for us to go out there and finish games, especially when we just have to go seven (innings) it’s like pitching in high school again.”

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