MVC Tournament Quotes
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Missouri State quotes:

Head Coach Keith Guttin
General thoughts on the game:
“Given our uphill struggle going into the game trying to match-up our pitching with (Anthony) Capra I thought our guys just battled tremendously all game and I was real proud of them. It could have gone either way. I’m sure it was an entertaining game to watch.”

Brayden Drake
On a wild, back and forth game:
“We went in not really knowing what we were going to do with pitching and obviously we didn’t have a lot to choose from. It was an exciting game. I thought our pitchers did a tremendous job keeping us in the game. Anyone could have won that game and at the end things just didn’t go our way. I’m proud of the team for competing for nine innings.”

Nolan Keane
On his last at-bat in the ninth:
“I wanted to be up, I was having a good day. I don’t know if I swung at a ball or not. It wasn’t exactly my pitch to hit. I kind of got a little anxious there. It was a high fastball, I don’t know if it was a ball or a strike. I had my pitches to hit and just couldn’t do it.”

Matt Frevert
On his performance today:
“Location and falling behind hitters was one of the biggest things I was doing. I wasn’t really getting ahead. We have one of the best offenses in the league but they’re right up there too. They put the bat on the ball and they were capitalizing on the mistakes whenever I would have to throw a strike to them.”

Wichita State quotes:

Head Coach Gene Stephenson
General thoughts on the game:
“I told you guys yesterday it wouldn’t be easy. I know a lot of you sitting in this room thought it was over. I said that it would be a tough game and that hopefully it would only be one. Missouri State gave us everything they had and we were able to survive. I think Anthony Capra is not like he should have been and he knows it. Hopefully he’ll be better the next tournament. I just can’t say enough praise for Missouri State and their competitive nature and the way they go about their business and I can’t say enough about our guys and the way we did our thing too. I’m so proud of our people, all of our guys. It’s been a fun ride so far and I want to see it go a lot further.”

Conor Gillaspie
On the pitches he saw today:
“I got a few good pitches to hit. A lot of times you foul those off when you’re not going well and when you’re seeing the ball well you just don’t miss them. They left a few pitches up, a couple of off-speed pitches were left up. That’s what happens sometimes, other times you’re out. That’s the way it happened today.”

Andy Dirks
On the offense lately:
“It’s all about a confidence thing and everybody is starting to feel their groove. Also the season is on the line here in the postseason. The weekend before it was for the Valley regular-season and guys are just stepping up and doing what they need to do in the situations that they’re given. We’re making adjustments to pitchers better than we did earlier. It’s all just kind of falling into play for our offense right now. We got to keep it rolling, we got a lot of season ahead of us.”

Kevin Hall
On getting to Matt Frevert in the seventh inning:
“Starting it off and getting on base like we’ve been doing in the bottom of the order – seven, eight and nine – all three of us have been getting on. With these guys following us up – Andy (Dirks), (Ryan) Jones and Conor (Gillaspie) – it was just a matter of time before someone crossed the plate and scored a run for us.”

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